Multi-language poem made from google generated search on entropy and other related and unrelated terms

entropy unit

Chaos and pain

Chaos computer club

Chaos faction 2

Chaos faction 3

Entropy explained

Entropy pynchon



perceived usefulness perceived ease of use and user acceptance of information technology

Hurtig opfattende

Langsom opfattende

Entropy Explained

entropy jazz

melodie d’amour

melodie monrose

melodie express tv sender

Entropy explained

Entropy game

Verstehen Soziologie

Ich klage an

Ich bin du bist

Ich bin ein Berliner

Entropy Explained

Entropy unit


Verstehen Soziologie, perceive information, technology

Saluton Esperanto

Saluton mondo meaning

Entropy explained



About Niscellaneous

I'm very random and miscellaneous, and my name starts with N, thus my username. I'm also a student of IT & Cognition with interest in natural language processing. I'm interested in devouring information about a wide range of topics within my relatively large sphere of interest, including computers, science fiction, scientific skepticism, transhumanism, conspiracy theories, artificial languages, formal languages, natural languages, and a couple more. I'm an INTP, an atheist (for all practical purposes), an egalitarian, a skeptic, and a scientific monist.

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